Virgin Island Recipes


Virgin Island Recipes

Summary: Virgin Island recipes are simple, easy and quick to prepare yet impressively delicious.

In going to a vacation one of the important factors you must consider is good food. Food plays a vital rule in our existence, doesn’t it? Delicious food can and will always complete your perfect day. Especially, if you plan to spend a few days for a vacation with your family, friends, of special someone in one of your favorite places, you will always make it a point to be served with a hearty meal.

In the US Virgin Islands, you will find a wide variety of food and drinks that maybe not foreign to you but you can distinguish on how they are presented and tasted. Food and drinks are an important part of Virgin Islands’ culture. Every celebration, graduation, parties, wedding, or festival must have delicious food served. Local foods in the US Virgin Islands include a variety of Caribbean dishes. It is common to find American dishes, fast-food restaurants, and restaurants with different cuisine in Virgin Islands.

Caribbean cooking has many dishes and the best cooks are usually the older women in the community. Asking for virgin island recipes from these folks is useless for they do not cook with recipes. Amazing isn’t it? They would cook with memory and taste. They just practically add a little of this and that and then they come up with extraordinary virgin island recipes. Most of the recipes are simple and require only a little time to prepare. Fish soup is very popular on the island and for some part of the islands it is eaten anytime of the day. Another popular dish is Callaloo soup. This virgin island recipe is made of leaves from a daheen plant mixed with okra, local herbs, and frequently different meats or seafoods. Among other popular virgin island recipes are stewed oxtail, beef, goat, and chicken. Saltfish is the islands’ favorite as a dish or in pates. Side dishes include rice and peas, yams, fried plantains, dasheen, sweet potatoe, casava, beans, and lentils.

US Virgin Islands has multi-cultural origins providing an extraordinary international taste for food. The virgin island recipes include a wide variety of seafood caught fresh daily. Lobsters, tuna, marlin, grouper, and wahoo are also caught fresh every day. The favorite and known beverages on the islands are sea-moss, soursoup juice.

The Virgin Islands bring to you a unique ethnic collection of virgin island recipes blended with herbs and spices. These foods are mild or spicy an apparent evidence of the mixed culture brought about from the past. Virgin island recipes with local ingredients are served deliciously to tease those who are meticulous when it comes to food.

At US Virgin Islands, entertaining you won’t take a lot of sweat. Entertaining always comes easy and it is in ordinarily spontaneous, family style thing with a festive dinner of mouth-watering food and lots of amusements.


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