Rocket Italian! Brand New Product


Rocket Italian! Brand New Product

The “Rocket Italian Premium” learning program has been created by Maria Dilorenze. If you are booking to travel to Italy or just interested in the language and culture of Italy you can learn to speak Italian in a natural and confident way with this program. The program consists of the following 6 components.

Component 1:

31-lesson Interactive Audio Course

You get over 13 hours of audio lessons with the 31 tracks in the Rocket Italian Premium Interactive Audio Course. 25 minutes in the average length of each track. They cover everything that you should know to fit-in in an Italian community, from introducing yourself to getting around on public transportation, and many more things.

Track One of 31

You also get the transcripts of the conversations for the 31 tracks so that you can keep up with the lessons. The vocabulary that is not present in dialogue but discussed in the lesson is also included in the transcripts.

Component 2:

31 Rocket Italian Premium Grammar & Culture Lessons

The Rocket Italian Premium Grammar & Culture Lessons
Include 31 illustrated Grammar Lessons that enable you to go from beginner to a confident Italian speaker. In these lessons you will find detailed examples; invaluable guidelines about what to say and when to say it. It also shows you how you should act, along with instructions and explanations on written Italian.

Component 3:


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