Why Learn Chinese?


Why Learn Chinese?

If you are up on the world economy, then you will know that China is the fastest growing economy in the world. In fact, the Chinese language is becoming so commonly used in business, the demand for resources teaching the Chinese language has more than tripled in the last half decade. Furthermore, if you check out the curriculum being offered in primary and secondary schools, you will see the Chinese language offered as a course. Looking up ahead in to the future, it is estimated that a command of the Chinese language will be ahead of the demand for Spanish. Half of Asia already speaks some form of Chinese, or incorporates styles of Chinese into their native language.

Why learn Chinese? Because today’s world almost insists on it. With our increasing love for the Chinese culture, like the martial arts, or media (Who can forget Jacki Chan), or even Chinese food…we are quickly merging cultures together today then we ever did in past. Great inspirations have come out of the eastern ways of life, and in a hungry way to consume them, and learn all about them, the need to learn Chinese has surfaced. The Chinese culture itself, represents a solidarity in balance, peacefulness, and serenity. In the western world, the fast paced, time pressed crunches have taken their toll, and now we actively seek solace from other cultures, who we think, hold the key. It is through understanding, learning and appreciation of other cultures in which we often find what we seek. To learn Chinese…whether it be the arts, the words, the ways, is often found tools to enrich our own daily lives and restore balance. Once again, by doing so, we are merging another culture’s layers and sewn them in as our own. The influence of the Chinese culture is undeniable.

Why learn Chinese? Because you truly want to. You have the focus and goal to integrate the cultural know how for goals of your own. Perhaps for an upcoming trip to China, or a hobby, or maybe just for simple understanding of a new friend, whatever the reason behind the spark, know it will be more than beneficial for you to acquire this knowledge and skill. And exhilarating to learn. There is a sense of accomplishment behind learning Chinese, even if it’s not for a job in china, or you cannot take a vacation there…having the richness of absorbing another’s culture into your world view is a step to a better and higher understanding of life itself.

Learn Chinese to have an experience culturally. Learn Chinese for application in your job. Learn Chinese for knowledge, for wisdom and balance in your life. Learn Chinese to be ahead of everyone else in business and careers. Learn Chinese to step into the future now. Learn Chinese for your upcoming vacation to china. But mostly, learn Chinese for yourself. Because it is something you always wanted to do. The impact of eastern culture is growing everyday, and will continue as our ways and cultures merge.


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